Kasmira Mohanty

Exhibition and Commercial Artist


Lucille Khornak Gallery

Posted on August 8, 2016 at 3:35 PM

Facebook can be a train wreck of gobbly goop, false information, idiocy and what the …….., but once in a while it yields something awesome and worthwhile, such as reconnecting with a buddy of mine from high school Gilbert Francis Abad. It’s been great fun catching up with this fine fellow, who started out in fine art and photography and currently works for Lucille Khornak owner of Lucille Khornak Gallery in South Hampton. He suggested I swing by this past Saturday for an art opening featuring artist Klau and his artistic collaborator Peter. I’m glad I did.


Klau and Peter were personable and fun to chat with. The artwork was definitely something I had not quite seen before. The works were created using an extremely modern and scientific technique, resulting in optical illusions of depth and movement combined with hand rendered elements. One can stare at them for hours and be continually intrigued with how they were produced.


I also had the opportunity to meet with the gracious and graceful Lucille Khornak. She is an accomplished and well sought after portrait photographer, in addition to being a focused and hard working gallery owner.

A great time all round. Fun artwork and wonderful people.



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