Kasmira Mohanty

Exhibition and Commercial Artist


SPARKBOOM art opening / Aug. 9, 2014

Posted on August 10, 2014 at 10:25 AM

The SPARKBOOM opening at ARTSPACE in Patchogue was a huge success! Kudos to Michelle Carollo for organizing and curating the show. The artwork was edgy, youthful, quirky, humorous and unique. Such a breath of fresh air! You have to get yourself over to the exhibition if you missed last night. One of my favorite pieces, Dong Hee Lee's sculpture "Fecundity", is made entirely of white hot glue. I love artists who take ordinary materials and elevate them. Another artist who did this was Jeffrery Allen Price with his piece "Long Island, All Washed Up" comprised of used household sponges. I was elated to see a digital artist other than myself, Krista Biedenbach. Her piece "Haters Wanna Know My Antidote" was a perfect backdrop to the wonderfully talented musicians that perfectly complimented the show. One musician that stood out was Chris Trietsch, who plays the Ukulele. You can check him out on YouTube. I also must mention St. James Brewery for providing tasty free beer and Mia River Avenue Deli for the yummy eats. Amongst the large crowd was my dear friend Amy Altobelli and my amazing chiropractor Dr. Dark. Super deluxe model night.   I hope to be able to partcipate again next year.

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