Kasmira Mohanty

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Posted on March 27, 2016 at 9:10 AM

I am unhappy that it's the Brussels attacks that has brought me back to my blog after a long hiatus. I was busy creating art, meeting other artists and enjoying life. That was shattered by the Paris attacks. I struggled to reach acceptance that a place I had spent several summers when I was young with my mom now too had the scares of this awful organization. The Brussels attacks have had an even more profound effect. It was the last stop after visiting Copenhagen and Amsterdam. It's irksome to think that where the bomb went off at the airport is somewhere I had been. I keep getting lost in thoughts of what these extremists hope to gain out of these acts. I could labor here about all aspects of this issue and try and make sense of it all, but I've turned to art for comfort and insight. I took the picture below while visiting Brussels this summer, obviously before any of this happened.

Here's a link I found comforting as well.


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